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Posts tagged "Trust Administration"

Trust administration dispute may include an uncooperative trustee

California trust law and procedure is pretty straightforward as set forth in the state's statutes. Whenever an individual knows that he or she is included as a beneficiary in a trust, that individual has a right to know what is in the document. Occasionally, other family members may be possessive over the documents or not be transparent in some way or another. Usually, this is due to an error in communications or to human mistake about one's duties with respect to trust administration.

Trust administration can include trusts for fighting addiction

In California and throughout the country, opioid overdoses are the biggest cause of death for persons under 50. It is estimated that about 12 percent of American families have a relative who is addicted to opioid narcotics. In some families, new ways of providing financial assistance to afflicted persons are being formulated, with the emphasis on obtaining rehabilitation, educational programs and various health care programs through trust administration plans.

Trust administration must deal with cybersecurity issues

In California, trustees are fiduciaries in wills, trusts and occasional other legal instruments. Because the trustee holds assets that are passed from one generation to another, trustees and the beneficiaries of the trust instruments are likely targets of cybercriminal enterprises. Because trust administration promises a fiduciary duty, the trustee could end up being legally responsible for the loss of trust assets or data.