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Posts tagged "Real Estate Transactions"

Technological changes seek to transform real estate transactions

There are several companies that are attempting to digitalize real estate transfers so that sellers and buyers are freed up from many traditional costs that were built into the system in the past. The literal explosion of technological capabilities with respect to viewing and selecting properties has brought a whole new dimension to the methodology of real estate transactions. One California company has been raising capital to make its own foray into the field.

Real estate transactions involve give and take by both sides

Real estate transactions in California follow a pattern that is generally similar throughout the country. There may be unique requirements from state to state but the general steps for completing real estate transactions follow a common contour. The real estate agent for each party usually plays a key role in bringing the parties together and assisting in negotiating the terms and purchase price.

Real estate transactions will be digitalized to benefit consumers

A leading title and real estate settlement provider is bringing the inevitable innovation to California and nationally: a digital real estate transaction called eClosing. It is said to be a comprehensive process, which boasts a host of consumer-oriented benefits to make the experience of buying, borrowing and closing on residential real estate transactions much more rewarding and palatable to today's home buyers. There are already a number of digital apps and components on the market that take one segment of the process and make it a wholly electronic experience. 

Real estate transactions through inheritance may offer tax cut

A California law may figure prominently in one's estate plan, depending on the person's circumstances and needs. The statute, passed in 1986, allows children to inherit real estate from their parents without having to pay a tax based on the current market value. The effect is to protect the children from the impact of steep tax increases on inherited property. The tax-friendly law appears to be cutting down on the number of real estate transactions and on the number of marketable homes going on the market.

Rental real estate transactions cause discord in some localities

California is reportedly experiencing a housing crisis, which is occurring alongside booming levels of business for Airbnb and similar real estate rental companies. However, short-term renting is not welcomed in many cities in the state. For example, Santa Monica passed an ordinance tightening restrictions against rental real estate transactions and setting up a system of registration of available properties.

Real estate transactions include HOA notifications if applicable

In California and other states, a certain amount of paper work must be completed with respect to one's homeowner's association when a home is being sold. The seller is required in such real estate transactions to inform the HOA that the transaction is going to occur. As a double-check on assuring that transfer of information, the title company or closing attorney will usually get in touch with the HOA for notification purposes and to inquire whether any outstanding fees are due by the current owner.

Real estate transactions facing new conceptual frameworks

Technology is now invading the real estate industry to introduce new models of how real property can be bought and sold. The result is that consumers may be able to save considerable money by avoiding high-priced real estate broker commissions in the future. California, as usual, is positioned to be in the vanguard of such industry-wide changes in the nature of how real estate transactions are conducted.