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Homeowners' Association will enforce landscaping rules

In California, gated communities with posh amenities may require some central management that can manage numerous administrative tasks on behalf of the homeowners. A Homeowners' Association, however, is not an organization that is without controversy.  It often has to deal with homeowners who do not appreciate the attempts at conformity that usually motivate the HOA. These dynamics exist not just here but in all states where HOAs are found.

An HOA can be a gratifying benefit for many homebuyers

Home Owners Associations in California are authorized and regulated by state law. When purchasing a home that has a HOA, it is important for buyers to read and understand the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the residential development. These CC&Rs are drawn up in compliance with state laws regulating such associations and are therefore enforceable.

Investigate HOA restrictions prior to buying real estate

When looking to purchase residential real estate in California, it is good to first find out if there is a homeowners' association involved in the neighborhood governance. An HOA can be a valuable security blanket for many buyers, but for others there may be potential problems that should be investigated prior to buying. Such organizations generally enforce restrictive deed covenants that homeowners should know about in advance so that they know what to expect.

Moving forward after receiving a complaint from your HOA

If you purchase a home or a condo within a community, you may be subject to certain rules established by a homeowners association (HOA). These regulations stipulate certain standards regarding residents' behavior, architecture and home maintenance.

HOA not involved in condo owners' complaints over ocean views

In some situations, condominium owners in California may find that the relief they seek with respect to their property must be processed through local governmental agencies.  In those cases, their own HOA is ineffective in regulating relief due to an outside third party's involvement. An interesting battle has gone on for more than 25 years regarding ocean views available to owners in the Del Mar Woods condominium complex.

Homeowners face a tsunami of regulations in battle with HOA

Living in a well-appointed California real estate development that is governed by a Homeowners' Association may be seen by residents as a point of prestige and matter of convenience. Getting involved in a dispute with the HOA can be a living nightmare of red tape and questionable association policies. In one dispute in another state, a family wanted to construct a small four-foot wooden fence to keep out trespassers and daily interlopers such as workers, teens, bicyclists and the like.