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Estate planning is lucrative ground for fraudulent scam artists

There is enough estate-related scamming going on in the country, including in California, to make one lose faith in the human race. However, if one exercises due caution against these plots and keeps steady control of one's affairs, tragic outcomes can be entirely avoided. One key thing to remember is that the relationship between a qualified and experienced estate attorney and the client is built on a long tradition of trust and reliability. Promotions that go beyond that simple estate planning formula are often a signal of fraudulent companies trying to make a quick, illegal buck.

Estate planning is a mix of tools working for maximum effect

Estate planning in California is a complicated process of arranging all of one's assets in a manner that will protect them from depletion and at the same time set up a plan of distribution of those assets for one's heirs after death. The benefit of providing for one's care and financial functioning during a period of incapacity is also a major benefit of the estate planning process. There are some general misconceptions that people tend to make about estate planning, which it is helpful to avoid.

Estate planning can include a financial advisor or planner

Estate planning attorneys in California are accustomed to working with a client's financial advisor to obtain information helpful to designing the estate plan with the client. For persons who are contemplating associating with a financial advisor for mapping out a future financial plan, there are various subjects to inquire about before making a commitment. Estate planning attorneys may at times be able to assist the client in determining how to find a qualified financial advisor.

Fair treatment of children in estate planning is achievable goal

Estate planning in California and elsewhere always involves making choices that invite human drama and emotions. For example, an older couple with three children must decide how to divide and distribute their assets among the three. They may make an estate plan in their middle years, but the terms may seem a bit out-of-place several decades later when the couple takes a look at their estate planning documents.

Estate planning gives the business owner important benefits

Business owners in California will benefit greatly by engaging in estate planning and developing various beneficial features and protections. The legal instruments that are created can ease the stress and potential complications that family members may encounter upon the owner's death. In addition, a buy-sell agreement can be formulated during the estate planning process.

Separation without divorce creates estate planning issues

There will always be a small percentage of married couples in California who separate but never get around to a formal divorce. What are the estate planning consequences when a person dies while separated? That was the case for both designer Kate Spade and expert chef/traveler Anthony Bourdain, who both died recently. Dying while separated and not legally divorced can raise several thorny issues.

Pitfalls and mishaps can be avoided with careful estate planning

The subject matter of estates and trusts in California is complicated. The individual or married couple must keep vigilant over their affairs to assure that no costly and troublesome mishaps occur. Even though estate planning may have been undertaken, a cavalier attitude in the years thereafter can lead to various disasters.

Most people seek estate planning for 3 basic reasons

In California, a majority of people do not even have a will, which is a basic estate planning tool at the heart of many estate plans. This applies to people with a large amount of assets and those with a modest financial picture. Persons in both financial categories need to have basic estate planning to maximize their asset holdings during life and to provide for a smooth distribution of assets to the heirs that the person wants to receive the assets.

Estate planning is important to baby boomers' transfer of wealth

The populous baby boomer generation is in the process of transferring its wealth to the younger generations in California and throughout the nation. This $30 trillion transfer along with continuing increases in the federal lifetime federal estate and gift tax exemption makes this a good time for boomers and others to do some fruitful estate planning. Despite the favorable circumstances, experts report that some people will continue to make certain repetitive and predictable mistakes.

Estate planning can be implemented for the care of beloved pets

By this time, it may be that nearly every California resident has at least one beloved pet that he or she cherishes. The emergence and official declaration of the American romance with domesticated pets was finalized in the past few years by the social media platforms where all nature and manner of pet adoration has been displayed. It may be that pets are even earning money on YouTube. It is therefore not surprising to see that many people are engaging in estate planning that includes seeing to the care and welfare of their domestic pets should they predecease their animals.