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How can I improve my house’s curb appeal?

The front door of your home often leaves a lasting impression upon visitors. The curb appeal of your home takes on a whole new meaning when you are trying to sell it.

There are multiple affordable things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home almost instantly and help you sell. According to HGTV, these include paying special attention to the front door, fixing your driveway and updating light fixtures.

The front door

Many people underestimate the impact the front door can make. While it might be nice to repaint your entire home to appear to buyers, this is not usually practical. However, repainting your front door is a more approachable project.

Try a strongly contrasting color for your door. For instance, if you have a white house with black shutters, go bold with a red door. You can also replace your house numbers for a more modern look. Adding a couple of potted plants and a wreath on the door can give your home an updated and very welcoming look for an affordable cost.

Driveway and lights

Keep any garbage or recycling containers in the back of the house. If your driveway has cracks, purchase a patching or resealing kit to fill them up. If you must store your car on the driveway, consider parking it down the block to give your home a neater appearance.

Replacing your light fixtures can also give the outside of your home a much-needed updated look. You can find affordable light fixtures online for less than $30 each. If you do not wish to make this investment, consider removing your old light and spray painting it.