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Do you have a good executor in mind?

California residents like you should have the best executor for your estate. You may think you already have the perfect person in mind. But this is one of the most important decision you will make about your end of life matters. 

Thus, it is important to double or triple check your choices. Make sure your pick is really as perfect for your estate as you believe. 

Professional expertise vs. personal compatibility 

Forbes discusses choosing the right executor for your estate. They focus on two primary areas that your executor should excel in. One is professional expertise. The other is compatibility with you on a personal level. 

For professional expertise, it is good to have experience working on big projects. They should have time management skills. They should also have organizational skills. It helps to be well-versed in handling people. Being able to defuse situations is good, too. As is handling grief, since they will deal with mourning loved ones. 

Understanding the task at hand 

They should fully understand the task they are undertaking. Let them know that probate often takes years to complete. This is not something they will finish in a few weeks or months. They must handle constant communication and other responsibilities until probate ends. They should have the integrity and capability to do this. 

But personal compatibility is also important. It does not matter how competent your executor is if you do not get along. After all, they will handle your personal affairs when you no longer can. It makes sense that you want them to represent you in the most accurate possible way. For this reason, look for someone who provides both of these things.