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Can you avoid putting your family through probate?

Setting out to draft a viable estate plan means getting things in order, so your family will have an easier transition after you die. There are several different routes you can take when it comes to setting up a plan that is most beneficial to those you love.

You may want to concentrate on having a clear path to inheritance. Most estates go through probate, which may prove lengthy. Review some of the ways you may get your family the money they need sooner.


A trust is a receptacle where you can deposit items of value, property or cash, for holding. When you set up a trust, the items you place in it become the property of the trust. They no longer exist in your inventory. This works in your favor for tax purposes, too, as the items no longer add to your net worth. The trust exists for the trustee, the person, or persons you name as the ones who will receive the items upon your death. When you die, the trust automatically passes to the people you name and does not go through probate court. Doing this helps your family get money quicker.

Insurance policies

Life insurance is another way you may want to go to pass money to your family without the hassles of probate. When you take out a policy, you get to choose who will receive the proceeds upon your death. Once your death certificate arrives at the insurance company, your beneficiaries will get a check for their portion of the policy money.

When planning for your death, it does not hurt to ask questions about ways you can care for your family. The more you have at your disposal, the better you will feel about the plans.