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How do I avoid conflict over my new fence?

Some Camarillo homeowners want to build a new fence for their yards or to encompass areas on their property. While installing a fence does not seem like a complicated matter, there are still opportunities for neighbors or the government to have an issue with your new fence, which could escalate to litigation. Here is a look at how to avoid potential conflicts over your new fence.

As explained in Better Homes and Gardens, you should be aware that your neighbors may have issues with your fence. A big fence might block views from other properties, which can greatly annoy your neighbors. Also, neighbors might object to a fence if they have problems with its look or they think it lowers their property value. Discussing your intentions with your neighbors may prevent such disagreements and possible litigation from occurring.

You should also understand where your property line ends and those of your neighbors begin. If you accidentally construct a fence on the land of someone else, you could face conflict and possibly litigation from the other owner. Knowing where you may or may not build your fence is a crucial step before you actually begin your construction project. Ordering a land survey of your property may assist you in this matter.

There are also government laws that regulate how you may build your fence. These laws tend to differ by community, so it is important to research how you may construct your fence in Camarillo. Factors to consider include how high your fence can be constructed, the look of the fence, and materials used in building the fence. Be certain if you need a building permit or not.

Since building fences provides the potential for land disputes, it may be helpful to consult with a professional real estate attorney to understand your rights. Because of the variety of boundary disputes that can take place, do not read this article as legal advice. It is only intended as general information.