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Depression and creating an estate plan

Setting up an estate plan can be a huge relief for many people, and some are excited to take care of this important issue. However, others may have a hard time during the estate planning process due to emotional issues they are working through. In some instances, their estate plan may be at the center of the emotional challenges they are working through, whether they are dealing with disagreement within the family over their estate or they have difficulty thinking about end of life matters. Moreover, the fall and winter months can be very tough for some, such as those with seasonal affective disorder.

We understand the multiple pressures that many people face when they set up an estate plan but having an effective one in place could help reduce negative feelings. Once the estate planning process is complete, many people feel relieved and can have a brighter outlook on their future—as well as their loved ones’ futures. If you are struggling with depression, you may need to wait for a while and address the emotional hardships you are working through. However, remember that a solid estate plan could help reduce some of these feelings, and it can also help get rid of anxiety.

Whether you go forward with a trust or decide to set up a will, you could have a number of options in front of you and you may have to make difficult decisions regarding your estate plan. However, emotional hurdles like depression should not prevent one from creating an estate plan, especially since these plans can be so advantageous in terms of one’s emotions.