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November 2018 Archives

Principles of estate planning help set the contours of the plan

Estate planning in California is not a difficult process, but it should be done under the guidance of an experienced attorney and a qualified financial planner where appropriate. The risks of mistakes and the erroneous adoption of incorrect provisions taken from the internet are too great. This article shares some important points to keep in mind about the importance and structure of estate planning devices. 

Trust administration dispute may include an uncooperative trustee

California trust law and procedure is pretty straightforward as set forth in the state's statutes. Whenever an individual knows that he or she is included as a beneficiary in a trust, that individual has a right to know what is in the document. Occasionally, other family members may be possessive over the documents or not be transparent in some way or another. Usually, this is due to an error in communications or to human mistake about one's duties with respect to trust administration.

The power of attorney prevents chaos in the event of incapacity

California estate planning attorneys recommend the inclusion of a durable power of attorney in a typical estate plan. This legal instrument authorizes an appointed agent to act for the individual in his or her financial and personal affairs should the individual become incapacitated to perform such tasks. Probably the most important aspect regarding the power of attorney is deciding who to appoint as one's attorney-in-fact.

Real estate transactions involve give and take by both sides

Real estate transactions in California follow a pattern that is generally similar throughout the country. There may be unique requirements from state to state but the general steps for completing real estate transactions follow a common contour. The real estate agent for each party usually plays a key role in bringing the parties together and assisting in negotiating the terms and purchase price.