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Estate planning may involve making a legacy through philanthropy

Many people in California are interested in leaving a legacy that will live on after death. This may mean incorporating some form or forms of charitable giving into one's estate plan both during life and afterwards. People often associate philanthropy with tax benefits but there are many aspects of personal satisfaction that motivate charitable giving. If one has an interest in establishing a legacy of giving the easy way to start the effort is to bring it up to the estate planning attorney during the discussion stages of the process.

For many people it may be easy to decide what groups or organizations to choose as beneficiaries. For others, it may be a process of research and choosing between alternatives. The individual may question what kinds of problems in the community need additional assistance in their vital efforts to improve life for others, including in some cases for nature, wildlife and domestic animals. Tying the gifts into the giver's passions and lifelong interests is often the way that people use to make their choices.

It can be important to assure that the assets chosen for satisfying the gift are the best to use under the circumstances. Setting up a strategy in the financial and tax aspects of giving may include a working relationship with a qualified financial adviser. The strategy selected must then be communicated to the estate planning attorney.

It is sometimes desirable to create a giving plan that centers around more unique assets that are not readily liquid or that do not have an easy way of being turned into the monetary value that the asset is really worth. Estate planning for giving items of unique meaning and value, such as artistic works, sculpture or other more complex donations, may be set up with the assistance of a foundation that specializes in that kind of giving. In California, the options in respect of creating a legacy to memorialize one's passion or enduring interest are plentiful and easy to create.

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