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September 2018 Archives

Estate planning for pets is important to many families

Many people in California have more than one pet these days and they are usually an integral part of a family's identity and life. It is therefore entirely understandable for people to want to provide for their domestic pets in their wills or other estate planning methods. When the method used for this purpose is through one's will, certain state law limitations may interfere with one's ability to fully manage the pet's future.

Estate planning is important to one's overall financial plan

Estate planning in California is not just for distribution of assets after death. It also has to do with managing money during life. One may have an overall financial plan but, without an estate plan incorporated into it, several unwanted outcomes may arise. An experienced estate planning attorney can explain what an estate plan is and why you will need one as part of your overall financial success and legacy planning.

Estate planning: It is best to prepare for all potential needs

Taking a form will off the internet and saying that there is now an estate plan in place would be an exercise in self-delusion. The truth is that there are many issues that must be evaluated, several more legal instruments prepared, and in the ideal situation, this should all be done under the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney and, where appropriate, a qualified financial adviser. For residents of California, choose an attorney who is proficient in the estate laws of this state.

What can the HOA control regarding my condo's common property?

You found your dream condo, and you understand that the property falls under the regulations of the California Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Before you purchase the property, you want to ensure you understand all elements that your HOA will enforce and control regarding your purchased condo.