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Trust administration can include trusts for fighting addiction

In California and throughout the country, opioid overdoses are the biggest cause of death for persons under 50. It is estimated that about 12 percent of American families have a relative who is addicted to opioid narcotics. In some families, new ways of providing financial assistance to afflicted persons are being formulated, with the emphasis on obtaining rehabilitation, educational programs and various health care programs through trust administration plans.

The financial vehicles being utilized are sometimes referred to as "opioid trusts." One important consideration in using this kind of financial management tool for an afflicted family member is the inability to trust the individual with a significant amount of money. Addicts are known almost universally to have little contact with reality when deciding what to do with and how to spend their money. Parents and other concerned family members do not want to provide funds that will be used to buy illegal drugs.

The trust allows for the family to steer the money into programs that will help to bring the family member back to functionality. It provides a mandatory program that is structured toward one worthy and necessary goal, which is recovery. The trust can be revoked or changed by the owner if desired. The trust benefits are sometimes intended to supplement disability or other government benefits for which the person qualifies.

Some legal and medical experts in California and other states assert that trust administration should not be directed to supporting the child financially but that the funds should be solely earmarked for recovery and rehabilitation. Every duly authorized program that the addict undergoes has the potential of inculcating a new mentality for him or her. As knowledge, increased information  and a sense of empowerment grow, the person gradually can begin to draw on a new reservoir of strength to handle life's daily activities. Certain drug therapies are also available simultaneously for the purpose of being a substitute for opioids but without the crippling side effects and addictive qualities of the killer drugs.

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