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July 2018 Archives

Weighing the good and bad of an HOA

Buying a home in a private California community often means accepting the governance of a homeowners association. An HOA is established by the developer of the community, and its management is then transferred to its board, which is made up of property owners in the community. The board enforces the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R), which are the rules every homeowner in the community agrees to live by. Homeowners pay monthly HOA fees, which can be less than $100 or well over $1,000, depending on the services the HOA provides for its residents.

Estate planning is lucrative ground for fraudulent scam artists

There is enough estate-related scamming going on in the country, including in California, to make one lose faith in the human race. However, if one exercises due caution against these plots and keeps steady control of one's affairs, tragic outcomes can be entirely avoided. One key thing to remember is that the relationship between a qualified and experienced estate attorney and the client is built on a long tradition of trust and reliability. Promotions that go beyond that simple estate planning formula are often a signal of fraudulent companies trying to make a quick, illegal buck.

Estate planning is a mix of tools working for maximum effect

Estate planning in California is a complicated process of arranging all of one's assets in a manner that will protect them from depletion and at the same time set up a plan of distribution of those assets for one's heirs after death. The benefit of providing for one's care and financial functioning during a period of incapacity is also a major benefit of the estate planning process. There are some general misconceptions that people tend to make about estate planning, which it is helpful to avoid.

Estate planning can include a financial advisor or planner

Estate planning attorneys in California are accustomed to working with a client's financial advisor to obtain information helpful to designing the estate plan with the client. For persons who are contemplating associating with a financial advisor for mapping out a future financial plan, there are various subjects to inquire about before making a commitment. Estate planning attorneys may at times be able to assist the client in determining how to find a qualified financial advisor.

What to do when a loved one dies

An old woman lay dying in the bedroom of her daughter’s home. On her left, her three adult grandchildren sat sniffling and stroking the arm of the only grandmother they knew. On her right, her two daughters whispered loving words through strained vocal chords: attempting to contain the expanding sobs within. The little old woman’s eyes pressed firmly together as her body fought its final battle.