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April 2018 Archives

Estate planning can be implemented for the care of beloved pets

By this time, it may be that nearly every California resident has at least one beloved pet that he or she cherishes. The emergence and official declaration of the American romance with domesticated pets was finalized in the past few years by the social media platforms where all nature and manner of pet adoration has been displayed. It may be that pets are even earning money on YouTube. It is therefore not surprising to see that many people are engaging in estate planning that includes seeing to the care and welfare of their domestic pets should they predecease their animals.

HOA gets unwanted garbage as trash collector fails to appear

California courts host a continual flow of disputes between homeowners' associations and their tenants or others. Most condo and single-family residential developments utilize the HOA as a method to administer certain management functions that are common to the homes comprising the development. The state has passed a regiment of laws that govern how the association is to be formed and the general scope of its authority.

Choosing estate representatives is a vital estate planning task

In California and elsewhere, one of the key planning issues for an individual or married couple is choosing who to serve as executors, trustees, power of attorney agents, health proxies and other positions. Ideally, the estate planning documents will include alternate choices if the first fails to serve or qualify. Generally, people choose their immediate family members or closest friends. Occasionally, they may select an institution for all or some of the duties. 

Is it time for a tune up?

How long ago did you complete your estate planning? Even five years can be a long time for your estate plan to sit without a thorough review. Here are some of the reasons that your will and other essential estate documents need a read-through and possibly some changes.

An estate planning checklist helps to organize the process

A California resident may have many different considerations when making up an estate planning checklist. One purpose of the list is to go over it with one's estate planning attorney in making up an initial estate plan. The estate plan is intended to take care of decisions to be made if one becomes incapacitated and unable to act and in the case of death.