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Kirk Ferenz settles homeowners' association dispute

In their free time, many basketball coaches from top NCAA programs in California and around the country tend to problems at home just like other private citizens do from time to time. In the case of one man, who not only happens to be a college basketball coach but also the highest-paid public employee in his state, such problems include settling a homeowners' association dispute that has been ongoing for some time. The battle basically pitted the coach and his wife on one side and several other families who share a private road easement with them on the other.

Attorneys from both sides were able to strike a deal just before the case went to trial. Reportedly, all parties are happy to have achieved a solution that puts an end to the litigation. It all started when the neighbors banded together to sue the coach and his wife, claiming they failed to make good on their promises to join the homeowners' association and to pay $9,500 in road repairs.

The plaintiffs also claimed that Kirk Ferenz, the University of Iowa basketball coach (whose salary is set to top $5 million this year), erected a fence and landscaped along the road without discussing it with the other homeowners. They say the trees and other improvements he made to his property clearly encroach upon the shared road easement. The group's attorney reported that his clients tried multiple times to amicably resolve the issues with the coach but were met with intimidation and hostility.

As it stands, the homeowners' association agreed to dismissal of the legal claim and also to create new bylaws and property agreements to govern the relationships between those who share the private road. There may be California homeowners currently struggling to resolve similar real estate disputes. In such scenarios, a savvy real estate attorney can help negotiate a favorable settlement or, when that's not possible, pursue the matter in court.

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