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February 2018 Archives

A power of attorney is a key tool in the estate planning arsenal

Every California resident would be best served by having a durable power of attorney signed and ready to implement if he or she becomes incapacitated and unable to handle his or her financial affairs. The person appointed in the instrument is called the agent, and that person is endowed with a reservoir of authority allowing him or her to do specified things on the principal's behalf. This is a key protective measure that is nearly always made a part of the individual's estate planning framework.

Estate planning needs professional guidance on a personal level

In California and nationwide, polls reveal that more than half of Americans do not have a will. That is a lot of people being left unprotected and facing uncertain results should a loved one die or become incapacitated without the benefit of estate planning. A will is only one tool in a varied arsenal of legal instruments designed to bring the maker peace of mind. That same feeling of satisfaction is also bestowed on the person's loved ones and chosen beneficiaries.

Homeowners' association battles to keep developers away

California is replete with homeowners' associations that govern many high-valued real estate communities throughout the state. A homeowners' association exists to maintain standards in landscaping, recreational facilities and other land restrictions that are mandated in the group's bylaws. Theoretically a protective device for homeowners, they have also become famous for the variety and intensity of disputes and lawsuits that they engender with member homeowners.

Kirk Ferenz settles homeowners' association dispute

In their free time, many basketball coaches from top NCAA programs in California and around the country tend to problems at home just like other private citizens do from time to time. In the case of one man, who not only happens to be a college basketball coach but also the highest-paid public employee in his state, such problems include settling a homeowners' association dispute that has been ongoing for some time. The battle basically pitted the coach and his wife on one side and several other families who share a private road easement with them on the other.

Estate planning includes consideration of long term care

Estate planning in California must often look at the question of long term care. This can be an expensive proposition and there are few options out there for financing long term care should it become necessary. One way to prepare for estate planning on the issue of long term care is to purchase long term care insurance to pay for home care and/or institutional needs when the time arises.