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Basic offices and duties of an HOA board of directors

Living in a community with an active Homeowners Association (HOA) has many benefits, including regulations to ensure the community’s safety and rules for cleanliness to keep the properties looking their best. Depending on the community, an HOA can also provide amenities for members such as tennis counts, playgrounds or pools.

In order to function, a HOA needs a leadership team to make executive decisions and manage basic operations. A HOA leadership team is generally comprised of four positions: a president, a vice president, a treasurer and a secretary. Board members generally serve for a few years and are replaced following elections.

HOA officer positions

  • President: The president is the leader of the HOA board. A president is responsible for managing day-to-day duties. He or she needs to be knowledgeable about the boards governing documents, including the community’s CC&Rs. The president is the authority figure on association rules and regulations. The president’s leadership responsibilities include running the association meetings and announcing results of votes.
  • Vice President: The vice president’s role overlaps with the president and they share many leadership duties. When the president is unable to perform any leadership responsibilities, the vice president will step in. During association meetings, the vice president is responsible for maintaining order and can assist with announcing the agenda and giving members a chance to speak. Like the president, the vice president is also required to have a thorough knowledge of the association rules and CC&Rs and is another authority figure on regulations.
  • Treasurer: A treasurer manages the HOA funds and financial records. A treasure handles billing, fund collection and fund disbursement. The treasurer develops the annual budget and manages the reserve fund allocations. During meetings, the treasurer will provide updates on the association’s financial health. If the association is managed by a property management company, the treasurer is responsible for ensuring the funds are accurately used and spending properly documented.
  • Secretary: The secretary maintains the association’s official records and ensures they are accessible to both association leadership and members. When records need to be updated, the secretary handles the updates. During meetings, the secretary provides and distributes documents and records meeting minutes. If any legal documents need to be filed, the secretary takes care of that and makes sure filing deadlines are met.

HOA officials have a responsibility to the community to act in everyone’s best interests, and board members must act with honesty and accountability. If you are considering serving on your HOA board, contact one of the current members to find out when the next board elections will take place or attend the next association meeting. Serving on the board will allow you to have a say in association decision making and planning.

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