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September 2017 Archives

Real estate transactions facing new conceptual frameworks

Technology is now invading the real estate industry to introduce new models of how real property can be bought and sold. The result is that consumers may be able to save considerable money by avoiding high-priced real estate broker commissions in the future. California, as usual, is positioned to be in the vanguard of such industry-wide changes in the nature of how real estate transactions are conducted.

Estate planning thrives on early decisions and focused goals

Many California residents become too preoccupied with their daily activities and struggles to slow down and think about planning for the future and into old age. Of course, they can't be blamed for avoiding estate planning, which does, after all, deal with death and a host of associated issues. There is something to be said, however, for preparing for the needs of retirement and beyond now, while one is healthy and capable of pre-arranging his/her wishes for the future. That would be a far better approach than finding oneself in the last stages of life with only hardship and adversity at hand.

Estate planning fares best when family members are advised

Most residents of California, like people anywhere else, are reluctant to talk about their personal affairs and statuses. It may be surprising to know that the hesitancy applies also to members of their own family. That becomes problematic at times because it can be an important aspect of one's estate planning goals to assure the knowledge and understanding of one's beneficiaries.

California spouses may want to consider kids when estate planning

As married individuals, many California residents know that there is often a need for discussion and compromise when it comes to making important decisions. When it comes to estate planning, spouses may want to talk about their wishes regarding how they would like their estates to be divided. Individuals who have children may simply want their assets to pass on to those children, but extenuating circumstances could come into play.