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Have you reviewed your estate planning documents lately?

You set up your estate plan years ago, filed it away in your safety deposit box and haven’t thought much about it since. Just knowing it’s there gives you and your family a sense of security in case anything was to happen. However, taking the time to review and update these documents is equally as critical as creating a plan in the first place.

There are several reasons your estate plans should be updated, one of the most crucial being that your estate plans stay valid and keep your family from being forced into probate. Most people who set up an estate plan do so to protect themselves, their family and the assets they’ve worked so hard for.

Don’t let all your careful planning fall by the waste-side, read through the below list of important reasons to keep your estate plans up-to-date:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth of a new child/grandchild
  • Children are no longer minors
  • Changes in health status
  • A named party is struggling with substance abuse problems, may need special provisions
  • Individuals named in your plans are now deceased
  • New laws in California that may affect existing plans
  • Reviewing current beneficiaries, trustees, and named guardians
  • Purchased new property
  • Sold property listed in the estate
  • Acquired new assets
  • Adding a pet trust
  • A significant amount of time as passed since your last review

How to update your estate plan

Contact your attorney to get the process of updating your estate plans started. They will be your best resource for making sure your plan is valid, meets the requirements of current California law and includes all the necessary components.

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