When You Have To Sell Real Property During Probate

If you have been named the personal representative of a family member's estate, you may need to sell real estate or personal property and deliver the proceeds to beneficiaries. The first step is to seek advice from an experienced lawyer.

Attorney William S. Dunlevy is uniquely qualified to help you with the sale of real estate because he practices real estate law and probate law. He can explain your options and the steps you must perform to sell property.

The first step is to have the property appraised. To protect the interests of beneficiaries, California law requires personal administrators who sell real estate to obtain at least 90 percent of the appraised value. You may need approval from the probate court before you can sell real estate or personal property.

Prior to the sale of any personal property, you will need to notify any beneficiaries who have an interest in the property. Good communication with heirs now can prevent costly disputes later.

An experienced attorney can guide you through each of the steps you must complete before you can sell property during probate. Personal representatives cannot sell real estate prior to probate. Beneficiaries can also sell real estate and personal property after probate. We represent personal representative and beneficiaries throughout Ventura County and surrounding counties.

For More Information About Selling Real Estate And Personal Property In Probate

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