Finding A Resolution For Will And Trust Disputes

Family members can have both financial and emotional attachments to the assets involved in a probate proceeding. This can lead to costly litigation that lasts for months or years and can also lead to fractured family relationships.

Attorney William S. Dunlevy in Camarillo, California, is dedicated to helping families resolve probate and trust disputes in a way that is less costly financially and emotionally than litigation. We represent personal administrators, executors, beneficiaries and heirs.

Alternative dispute resolution techniques include:

  • Direct and formal discussions assisted by an attorney
  • Mediation
  • Asking the court to decide
  • Filing a notice of proposed action with the other party
  • Arbitration

The goal of The Law Offices of William S. Dunlevy is to help you resolve probate and estate administration disputes in a way that is less costly and less damaging to families. Probate litigation can take years and may end up exhausting the assets family members are fighting over.

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