Keeping Your Estate Plan Up To Date

Many people create estate plans, put the documents away in a safe deposit box and never think about them again. Unfortunately, the estate plan that you created for your family years ago may not meet your needs or goals today. When your family or your circumstances change, you need to review and consider updating your estate plan.

Attorney William S. Dunlevy in Camarillo, California, has over 40 years of experience with all matters of estate planning. Regardless of who created your estate plan, we offer practical legal counsel to review it and determine if it meets your needs today.

When Do I Need To Update My Estate Plan?

Here are examples of times when you need to update your estate plan:

  • You have a new child.
  • You buy a home or other property.
  • You start a business.
  • A beneficiary dies.
  • You divorce or marry.
  • You or your spouse plans to retire.
  • You or your spouse develops a health problem.

Nobody would want to disinherit a new child or give their assets to an ex who is no longer a part of their life. However, these are examples of unintended consequences that can happen if you fail to update your estate plan when your life changes.

For More Information About Updating Your Estate Plan

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