Do You Need To Obtain Guardianship Of A Family Member?

Attorney William S. Dunlevy approaches each guardianship matter knowing that he is helping you care for a family member. We have provided carefully considered legal guidance with respect to several guardianship matters, including:

  • A child who has lost both parents
  • A child who has been injured in an accident and needs a guardian to pursue a claim for the injury on his or her behalf
  • A developmentally disabled child who needs a guardian to handle personal needs when he or she becomes an adult

As a result, our firm knows that an essential component of our representation includes compassion for our clients. We provide experienced legal judgment to our clients so they can understand their legal options and choose confidently from them even in the most difficult guardianship matters.

We help you understand all of your available legal options so you can determine whether options such as living trusts or powers of attorney can meet your goals.

For More Information About Guardianships

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