Do You Need A Conservatorship?

Legal questions about conservatorships always involve difficult family-centered questions. Our firm's founding attorney, William S. Dunlevy, has spent more than 40 years helping his clients address these issues.

At The Law Offices of William S. Dunlevy, we base our practice of law on the individual legal needs of each of our clients. We have structured our firm so that each client receives personal attention from attorney Dunlevy.

We understand that in conservatorship issues, we will be helping people carry heavy burdens. Our firm has the experience our clients need when it comes to helping incapacitated loved ones manage property and personal issues. We have assisted clients in addressing matters including dementia and Alzheimer's.

Attorney Dunlevy can help you take the necessary steps to gain the legal authority you need to protect your loved one's interests. If required, we also understand how to act when there is an immediate need for court intervention and an appointment to act on another's behalf.

Our firm can help you understand whether a conservatorship is right for your legal needs. We can help you understand all of your available legal options so you can choose from them confidently — options such as living trusts or powers of attorney.

We work compassionately with all of our conservatorship clients. Bringing legal matters into order without the benefit of planning often involves difficult decisions. We can help you understand and make those decisions.

For More Information About Conservatorships

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